Hello there! I'm Chris Ferrario, welcome to my portfolio.

Allow me to tell you about myself:
I am a six year software engineer veteran and have been programming for almost 10 years, mostly C++/Java/C# within the game industry.

After majoring in Software Engineering at Intech' Info of the ESIEA group in Paris France, I started working in the small but top notch Java 2D handheld game studio DeValley Entertainment in Paris where I was lucky enough to work with and learn from multi talented game geniuses who taught me the wonders of super optimized programming and wide cross platform support. I also setup the PHP website for one of their games during that time ( it is now offline ). I then used my fresh new skills at Gameloft, in New York City on more Java mobile games before moving on to VG Creator in Montreuil, France to work on a Nintendo DS game in C++, but sadly the 2008 financial crisis cut both of those adventures short. Things then got much better, I landed my current job, in Gameloft Montreal where I have now been for close to 4 years making awesome Apple and Android pad games as well as some Java and C# .Net tools!

I have worked on many programming teams, with members from 1 to 25 programmers. I've always had strong ties with my game and level designers as well as artists and very forwarding in solving gameplay issues as well as being proactive in trying to provide them as many useful tools as I could in between gameplay tasks.

These past few years, I have been heavily involved in AI and other gameplay mechanics such as replay systems, menus, HUDs, reward systems, physics, sounds, level editing tools. I usually also have a heavy hand in building the game engine and optimizing. I'm often some sort of handy man and have been heavily involved about every part of the code apart from perhaps networking and advanced 3D graphics.

I am also legally allowed to work in Canada, the US and the European Union.

I have included more details about the projects I have helped ship in the tabs on this site.

you can see me in this video at 1.37 minutes

Why I have this portfolio :

I am now looking for a new experience, something fresh, preferably in a new industry. I feel I can use my mobile experience and my enjoyment of web programming and game programming to be very productive in the right environment. I am especially interested in flexible arrangements where I could take advantage of my international profile and travel a bit more. I wish to stay in Montreal and possibly work remotely or semi remotely.

I am very motivated and very adaptable to new tech. Let me play on your team!